Lego Jig for Evenly Spaced Dadoes

I found some parallel clamps on sale, so naturally,  I needed a rack to hang them on.  Legos, to the rescue!

For some reason, Legos came to mind.  Legos are extremely precise pieces of ABS plastic that would make for a great jig for this type of purpose…. that is, as long as measurements can be in multiples of 8mm.  Fortunately, 48mm was perfect for my new clamps.  So, 1 dado every 6 Lego pegs.
IMG_0054 (Large) IMG_0055 (Large) IMG_0059 (Large)IMG_0057 (Large)


Now let’s be serious.  48mm = 1.88976 inches, and my clamp rack didn’t really require Lego-style precision.  In the future, I’ll just eyeball my table saw fence at 2″ increments.  But, that wouldn’t be near as fun, would it?