Basement Island

In late 2014, I had the opportunity to build a kitchen island for our basement.  I considered it a big challenge and learning opportunity (and reason to justify new shop tools), so I built it from the ground up.

Wood species:

  • Top: Cherry & Walnut
  • Doors and Drawers:  Sassafras


Preparation / Planning

Trick # 1 – Little Access to Basement

People lived in the basement at the time, so I had to do the design/planning work without going downstairs much.  So, I went down once to get some measurements, then drew up our whole basement in Sketchup, and did the design/planning/building upstairs.

Trick # 2 – Load-bearing support beams in the way

We had 2 poles that were going to be ridiculous to work around.  So, we hired a builder to come in and advise us how to redirect the load.

And, I had to map out the upstairs in Sketchup as well, in order to better understand load placement.

The design is completely custom, starting with a basic rectangle.



Wall Construction

Any weight placed on the bartop area would be pulling that wall outward away from the oven.  So, I had to think strategically in order to provide hidden supports that would keep the wall vertical even if excessive weight was placed on the bar.

There are 5 circuits in this island.  Overkill?  I love overkill.  I also love the idea of my wife being able to cook while simultaneously drying her hair and vacuuming.  (and 2 other things I haven’t thought of yet)

(Charity:  I’m completely kidding!)


Island Build


Island Finishing