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Dyed Poplar Drawer Fronts w/ Airbrushed Vignetting

This was more about experimenting with dyes than it was about making drawer fronts, but here’s how it turned out.

We have this IKEA (go ahead and judge me, I don’t care) setup in a little maker space room of our house. A few months ago I put a custom Ash counter on it, and I recently completed the drawers + fronts.

I really wanted specific dimensions of drawers for quick access to small parts, so custom drawers became the answer.

Wood: Poplar. Dyes: TransTint and TransFast. Finish: DW Shellac, Deft Lacquer (gloss), Deft Lacquer (satin)

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Custom Lazy Susans

A family member almost ordered some Lazy Susans from the local BORG, but I intercepted the project since it presented some challenges I had not yet faced.   This was a time-consuming mistake worthwhile learning experience.

The requirements were: 3 18.5″ Lazy Susans with a lip that extends upward to prevent things from sliding off (I guess they plan on spinning them super fast?)

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