Ugly Scooplings


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[edit: these are actually turning out quite nice]

A few months ago, I started a bunch of coffee scoops from a local Walnut tree’s heartwood + sapwood mix.

I ended up with a bunch of butt-ugly coffee scoops.

But recently, I decided to finish one off, and it actually looked like a good sort of ugly.

So, here’s the offer:  I’ll finish these off for $15/scoop, grab bag style, local pickup only.   You’ll get one of the scoops under the lamp at my discretion (or yours if you stop by and pick one out).  They hold approximately 1 tablespoon, but don’t hold me to it .

An example of one finished is shown.

Note:  The individual coffee scoop shown in the photo gallery only shows one of the scoops.  You will probably not get this scoop, but one like it.  You will more than likely get one of the scoops pictured under the lamp.   I’ll pick your scoop, or we can coordinate a way for you to pick it out if you’d like.